23 Jahre weiblich - KL III


•Status after fixed KFO in UA only and FGNE 10 a`s ago (alio loco) for 1a then orthognatic surgery should be done,but pat. did not want that!!—then Dr. Simma did fixed KFO for 2a`s.(from 2002-2004)

•Skel. CL III-high angle-case dolichofacial groth-pattern

•Asym.dentoalv. CL III 1PB re.1/2 PB left with cross-bite on 32 & 33àMLD left

•Dentoalv. open bite(33 to 43) with No sufficient ant. Guidance with post. Interferrencies

•Development of clicking on left TMJ and pain on both TMJ`s special during strong mastication


•Alignement and expansion of upper arch

•Uprighting of mesioinclined side-teeth and alignement of lower front-cross-bite

•Sufficient ant. Guidance without interferrencies

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