20 Jahre weiblich - Offener Biss


Skel. CLII(max. Prognathie and mand. Retrognathie)

•Skel. open bite (high angle CL II case!!)

•Dentoalv. ½ CL II/1

•Protrusion of upper front!!

•Dentoalv. open bite from first premolar to first premolaràchron. mouthbreathing!!

•Lyraform of upper ant. arch!!

•Cross-bite in regio of both second premolars

•Crowding in LA & UA

• post.discrepancy and no ant. guidance with post. interferencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

•Poor mastication

•TMJ-clicking re. - note axio data!!


•Germectomy of all wisdoms!!!!!!!!!!!

•Enlargement of the narrow upper ant. arch

•Intrusion in regio of the first molars!!

•Closing fo the ant. open bite

•Correction of cross-bite re. & left

•Alignement of crowding

•CL I with nice ant. guidance and without post. interferencies!!!

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