22 Jahre weiblich - Kreuzbiss


•Extrem brachiofacia

•Max. & mandib.prognathie

•Dentoalv. asym. CL III re. and CL I left

•Lyraform of upper arch

•More and more protrusion of 11àchief complaint!!

•Cross-bite on 15,15 & 16, MLD re.!! asymmetry of face & body

•Overbite 2mm

•Overjet to 11 4mm


•Extraction of 17 instead of 18 and 28,38 & 48 in KH-Feldkirch

•Correction of crossbite on 15 & 16

•Mesialisation of 18 in regio of 17

•Ant. widening of narrow upper arch


•CL I –relation and suffic. ant. guidance without interferrencies

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