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36 Jahre männlich - KL II/1


•asym. dentoalv. KL II /1 Syndrom: - 6/ und 3/ left Side KL I /right Side KL2 PD!
• MLD to the Right Asymmetrie of Face and Body
• Overjet ca. 8 mm with sucking Lip and strong supramental Fold
• Overbite with Contact at the regio papillae
• Lyraform of the upper and lower anterior arches
• 1/1 proclined
• 2/2 retroclined
• multiple Abrasions mainly on the upper and lower Front
• UK- Front is extremely proclined
• asym. Occlusal planes
• many problematic fillings



1. 18 and 48 adex

2.Correction of asym. Occlusal Planes (KL II PD right Side)

3.Correction of MLD to right

4.Enlargement of the narrow anterior arches (OK and UK)

5.KL I and Vertikalisation on the right side

6.Reconstruction spec. of the right steep post Occlusalplane

7.Symmetry in all thre Dimension

8.Nice retrusive Guidance mainly on the right Side also

in the retaining Phase.


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