22 Jahre männlich - KL III


•Skel. CL III (mand. Prognathie in ICP)àpost. Discrepancy due to wisdoms!!(Prof. Sato!)

•Asym.dentoalv.full CL III re.>left, MLD left!! Asymmetry in face & body!!!!

•Cross-bite frontally from 43 to 34

•Overbite 2mm in ICP

•Group-function and mediotrusive interferrencies from ICP!!

•Headache in regio of mm.temp.b.s.(1a ago Migräne and Gesichts –ausfälle!!)


•Treatment without orthognatic surgery!!

•Extraction of all ret. wisdoms by Dr. Hächl (Götzis)

•Verticalisation in RP with Ketac on 37/47

•Reconstruction of the occl. Plane due to Sato in CL III cases!!àuprighting of all side-teeth in direction to CL I !!!

•CL I as far as possibel on. B.S. with nice ant. guidance and without post. interferrencies

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